Wedding Planning: Plated vs Buffet

Planning weddings and corporate events is a difficult task. With so many intricate pieces to be kept in mind, fine tuning the details of the event can come as a challenge. Planning the food that will be served is not any easier. Providing food for large groups of people is problematic if you are inexperienced. The first important decision to be made, is choosing between a plated or buffet style of service. Both styles have their advantages, depending upon the manner of the event. Allow for this blog to guide you through whatever questions you may have and make this decision as painless as possible.

Two important questions come to mind when deciding between these two different service styles. Do you want your guests to remain seated during the dinner, with each course hand selected prior to the event and presented to the guests? Or, would you prefer to have your guests up and about and offered a variety of food options presented on a buffet? It is important to have a style and budget in place, before talking to the caterer, in order for the correct style to be accurately suggested for your event.

For formal events, we would suggest a plated meal. With each plate intricately composed and each food item complementary to the other, guests will be impressed by the presentation of the dinner. At Distinctive Catering the combinations are endless, with plentiful options within different categories including beef, chicken, vegetarian, seafood and pork. Let us craft the perfect plate that will wow your guests.

For more relaxed events, our suggestion would be a buffet. This option provides a multitude of choices for the guests and allows for the caterer to feed large groups of people more easily. With so many people having different preferences on food, this option assures that everyone attending the event will be happy and full. Distinctive Catering offers a wide spread of options when choosing a buffet for your wedding or corporate event. Options including Grills and Barbeques, Italian Pasta Buffet, Taco Bar, and the ever popular Ultimate Signature Buffet. For those seeking a buffet that will impress your guests, but not put a huge dent in your pocket, we suggest the Budget Buffet. This option offers plentiful options and is the best bang for your buck.

A common belief among professionals is that buffet meals are more cost effective when compared to plated meals. However, depending upon the number of people attending the event this may not be the case. Plated dinners can sometimes be less expensive because there is a specific anticipated portion size per guest. Providing your caterer with important information, such as style, number of guests, and food preferences will reduce the number of headaches for you moving forward.

Keeping all these different ideas in mind, you now have all the tools to make your next event a success. Now just sit back and allow Distinctive Catering put in the hard work, so you can get to enjoying your event. Click here to take a look at our menu and see for yourself, just what Distinctive Catering can do to make your event special.

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